E-learning Solution

Global Multiannual is the meeting point of technology and digital content in education. You may be a young student or a mature student pursuing higher studies, we provide the required content for your requirement.

Some of our e-learning solution services are:

  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Skill development
  • Content and Courseware development
  • Interactive games
  • Educational games
  • Custom content
  • Mobile e learning

Digital content solutions is the need for educational publishers on a global level and institutions and large corporate. New devices, new formats and new mobile platforms that effectively make use of this digital content are provided by Global Multilingual.

E-learning services that Global Multimedia provides are through audio, animation, images, streamlined video. Our technological applications are well advanced and processed through audio or video tapes, web-based learned, local intranet and extranet learning.

Global Multilingual helps in Skill development by sharpening the memory cells through different processes and techniques. Educational games give more variety to the matter learnt making them more attractive and interesting.

E-learning can be done in the classroom or out outside the class. E-learning can also be done individually or with the guidance of another person through Global Multilingual.

Content and courseware development helps to implement theoretical views and scientific perspectives. E-learning is not only for students, it is also applicable to big business units within their organizations and Global Multilingual staffs are very efficient in helping this development.

Global Multilingual offers diverse custom content to suit your specific needs and enhance your learning skills and understanding capacity.

Mobile e learning through innovative learner solution using the best technology is available only with our Global Multimedia.

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