Foreign Language Training

Foreign languages are many and Global Multilingual specializes in giving the best training to learn foreign languages. Some of these languages are:

  • Chinese language (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • French language
  • German language
  • Spanish language
  • Japanese language
  • Dutch language
  • Thai language
  • Vietnamese language
  • Bahasa Indonesian language
  • Malay language
  • Arabic language
  • English language

Global Multilingual is one of the leading organizations in language training, corporate training, sales training; soft skills training, language testing, language audit .we have many centers to impart language skills to people of all ages. We have employees from many companies- big and small, who have benefited from our language training. Students from different parts of the world come to learn more languages.

Native speakers of the language with high qualification and training form our team of teachers. Training materials are specially prepared for each language by Global Multilingual.

Through our courses at Global Multilingual, we help to develop communication skills, practical application to business, development programs and for professional use.

The teacher-student ratio is balanced so that individual attention is given to each student. All classes are taken in the foreign language, after the initial classes, so that the student acquires mastery over the language studied.

Different techniques are used in the classroom such as reading, writing, discussions, interviews, presentations, conversations, etc., so that the students can interact in the language through active participation.

Students also get regular work to be done at leisure to learn sentence structures and grammar. Special work sheets and materials are prepared to make the student learn the basics in the language. Our course materials are regularly updated by our experienced teachers so that language skills are acquired easily and effortlessly.

Global Multilingual provides Certificate Courses, Diploma Course, PG courses and online class to our students. We make sure that those who enroll with us acquire the knowledge in that language that they have chosen.

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