Established in the year 2014, Global Multilingual Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi India is a leading company in the Simultaneous interpreting, Hire Bosch IR interpretation system, RF simultaneous Interpretation system, wireless tour guide system, Interpretation equipment rental and Simultaneous translation, Translating and Interpreting services. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified language translation services Agency and India’s No.1 Certified Best Translation Agency for Conference Interpretation.

The company provides high-class professional interpreters for the following types of interpretations: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, conference interpretation, certified conference interpretation, Real time translation, online simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous translation, virtual simultaneous interpreting.

The company provides interpreters in the following languages: French simultaneous interpreter, Russian simultaneous interpreter, Hindi simultaneous interpreter, Chinese simultaneous interpreter, Spanish simultaneous interpreter, Portuguese simultaneous interpreter and German simultaneous interpreter, Italian simultaneous interpretation, Japanese simultaneous interpreters, Translator and Interpreters across India location.

The company has undertaken large number of projects in government as well as private sectors over the past several years. It provides excellent service in the following categories: French simultaneous interpreting, Russian simultaneous interpreting, Spanish simultaneous interpreting, Portuguese simultaneous interpreting, Hindi simultaneous interpreting, Chinese simultaneous interpreting and German simultaneous interpreting, Foreign language conference interpreting ,Indian language conference interpreting in New Delhi ,Noida Gurugram Faridabad ,Pune ,NCR,Pune ,Mumbai ,Ahmadabad ,Bangalore ,Kolkata, Chennai ,Hyderabad ,Jaipur ,Kochi,GOA,Nasik ,Singapore ,Asian countries .

Our Simultanious interpreters are highly proficient in specific language pairs and they are subject matter experts as well. Our conference interpreters are also professionally experienced enough to adapt effectively to the requirements of the conference.

Since simultaneous interpreting is most demanding our interpreters have excellent language skills and more than average fluency in two languages. Our simultaneous interpreters correctly interpret what is being said while adding the nuances required in the target language as they have excellent proficiency in the source and target languages and are fully confident of their speaking skills.

The company also undertakes Live translation as well as certified translation projects. For providing excellent services in language Translation the company has a large group of language translators who are certified Translators and certified conference translators. The company has successfully accomplished projects of French translation, Russian translation, Spanish translation, Portuguese translation, Hindi translation, Chinese translation and German translation.

The basic equipments required for simultaneous interpretation consist of a set of receivers with their corresponding headphones for the audience, and a transmitter and microphone for the interpreter and booths. For the successful execution of simultaneous interpretation the company provides highly reliable and specialized equipments which are required such as Bosch IR Interpretation Equipment, RF interpretation Equipment, wireless tour guide system, Interpreter booths along with suitable, dedicated, well-experienced and professional language translators and interpreters.


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