Multilingual Sales Support

Global Multilingual provides services in International Sales and Support by providing language experts who can enhance the business approach in the international world by giving you language expert services. We provide:

  • Multilingual support to Indian exporter
  • Multilingual sales and support to exporter
  • International Marketing (4P)
  • Online Marketing
  • Lead generation for client
  • Brand management

Global Multilingual has a wide network of distributors worldwide who will provide you with sales and support in a number of countries.

An Indian exporter needs to know the language of the countries with which he makes trade. Each country has many languages and he has to communicate with the local people, to improve sales and increase his market share. Global Multimedia helps you to get the commercial advantage and meet global objectives through our multilingual staff that can provide you with translation and interpretation service.

Competition is the cutting sword in the global market and an exporter has to meet these challenges to accelerate his growth and increase the market size. The crucial factor in the global market is the language barrier and Global Multilingual helps to provide sale and support to exporter s along the globe such as India, China, Thailand, Canada, England, etc. With growing trade between countries and transfer of goods and services from one country to another, our services are vital.

Online Marketing is the recent trend in the global market. Foreign markets are easily explored through online marketing. Global Multilingual helps to establish business through online marketing to seek new markets, make quick profits and make use of price and cost advantage in products.

Lead generation for client is a service that Global Multilingual provides to improve sales through marketing experts who can share and give you lead-generation tips so that you get the best results from business.

Brand Management helps to accelerate the rate of growth of globalization of brands. Using the internet and latest technology will help in building worldwide image. National brands are the pride of a country and helping in the brand management within the country and throughout the world is provided by Global Multilingual service.

International marketing help to increase the business dramatically. To achieve a firm foot in the international market, the four P’s have to be concentrated upon. They are product, place, price and promotion that make up the marketing mix. By gathering more information about the market and improving promotion strategies, Global Multilingual service helps you to achieve a better market share and improve your product, change the pricing policies according to international prices and competition and give your more profit.

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