Language Recruitment

One important service that Global Multilingual provides is language recruitment. We provide language expert services in French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese/JLPT, Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Malay, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese/Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese Sinhala and native languages.

We specialize in all native services like native translator, native interpreter and native language expert. Apart from providing language experts, we also deal with multilingual expert and lingual experts. Bilingual persons are well versed in two languages. We also help in providing language recruitment through Language consultancy and multilingual recruitment agency. PIO card holder experts and OCI card holder experts are the highlight at Global Multilingual services. With us, you can easily obtain employment visa. Our specialized language consultancy helps in language recruitment in Delhi and in language recruitment throughout India as well as on an international scale.

We provide full-time employees as well as part time employees. We also provide employees for contractual jobs and for staffing services. Our language consultancy services help in language business and language recruitment process.

Global Multilingual Services provide language recruitment / multilingual recruitment & placement in all foreign language:

  1. Native Bilingual /Multilingual language expert
  2. Native translator & interpreter
  3. Thai language expert
  4. Bahasa Indonesia expert
  5. Vietnamese expert
  6. Japanese / JLPT language expert
  7. Mandarin & Cantonese language expert
  8. French language expert
  9. Spanish expert
  10. German expert
  11. Korean language expert
  12. Dutch language expert
  13. Polish language expert
  14. OCI card holder native language expert
  15. PIO card holder language expert
  16. International language recruitment

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